Experience of use Matcha Slim

Hey! I'm from Louise Hanover. I would like to share my experience on using Matcha Slim tea powder for weight loss. My history includes reviews, instructions, preparation methods and, of course, my personal results in 10 weeks of using the miracle product. go!

Why I decided to buy Matcha Slim

Louise lost 11 kilograms with Matcha Slim

I gained almost 8 kg in weight during the lockout, I decided to stick to a diet. I am not in favor of exhaustive ways to deal with excess weight, so I have carefully worked out the menu and exercise regimen for the next 5 weeks. While exploring natural products for weight loss, I chose Matcha Slim Organic Slimming Tea. I was fascinated by the composition of the powder, which did not contain synthetic components.

Tea contains vitamins, plant extracts that regulate sugar levels and speed up metabolism. I would also like to point out that table sugar is not used as a sweetener.

I ordered it from the official website, got it in literally a few days and immediately started learning the recipe. Detailed instructions for use of the product are given on the back of the package.

Matcha Slim in the cup

After mixing a teaspoon of powder in a glass of water, immediately drink the tea. Pleasant aroma and taste are very refreshing. I immediately want to say that after finishing the "marathon" I felt a surge of muscle strength and tone. Now let's move on to the most important.

How much I drank with this tea

With a balanced diet, Matcha Slim with tea and daily morning exercises I gained 11 kg in 10 weeks. In addition, I felt incredible lightness in my body, my breath disappeared and my mood improved!

A month has passed since I stopped this tea but the weight has not returned. Organic slimming tea helped me! I am planning to order another package for "prevention" of excess weight and strengthening the immune system.